Benton Fry

Collecting water samples from Lake Itasca, MN (Headwaters of the Mississippi River)

Ph.D. Student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Department of Ecology and Conservation Biology
Texas A&M University | College Station, TX 77843-2258
Curriculum Vitae






Ph.D., Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Texas A&M University (in progress)
Advisor: Dr. Kirk O. Winemiller
B.S. Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, 2020

Research Interests
My research interests are understanding the flow of nutrients and energy to aquatic ecosystems and how top predators are involved in these trophic interactions. My dissertation will focus on the abiotic factors, biotic factors, and movement of two sympatric species of peacock bass in the Essequibo River Basin in Guyana to create ecological niche models.

My favorite pastime is ice fishing

Top predator in Minnesota Lakes

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