The Winemiller Aquatic Ecology Lab investigates fish ecology and evolution, community ecology, and ecosystem ecology in aquatic habitats.  Our research is strongly field oriented, with studies conducted at sites throughout Texas, Latin America, Africa, and, more recently, Southeast Asia.  Our field research is conducted mostly in fluvial ecosystems (streams, rivers, estuaries) and adopts descriptive, comparative and experimental approaches.  The research is strongly oriented towards advancement of both basic scientific understanding as well as options for better conservation of biodiversity and the ecosystems that support it.  Topics of greatest interest are:

  • life history strategies, environmental variation and population dynamics
  • food webs and trophic ecology
  • population response to flow variation
  • species assemblage structure, environmental variation, and species functional traits
  • species diversity, biogeography and evolution

Click on the pictures in the “Featured Research” slideshow for abstracts of a few selected current projects.  More information on past and current research, publications and reprints, and contact information is available on my personal page and those of lab members, which you can access by clicking on the names.

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