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If you rebuild it, they will come back

Re-establishing environmental flows in Caddo Lake brings back the paddlefish By Sara Carney When visitors travel to Caddo Lake on the Texas-Louisiana border, they may see people canoeing on the blue-green water, navigating between the towering bald cypress trees and the Spanish moss that sweeps down from the branches. They may see fishers catching largemouth bass and families hiking nearby trails. But what visitors might not see is a creature beneath the lake’s surface that is older than the lake itself; in fact, it comes from the oldest… Read More →

New publications added

207. Pease, A.A., J.M. Taylor, K.O. Winemiller, and R.S. King. 2015. Ecoregional, catchment, and reach-scale environmental factors shape functional-trait structure of stream fish assemblages. Hydrobiologia 753:265-283. [PDF] 206. Kaymak, N., K.O. Winemiller, S. Akin, Z. Altuner, F. Polat, and T. Dal. 2015. Stable isotope analysis reveals relative influences of seasonal hydrologic variation and impoundment on assimilation of primary production sources by fish in the Upper Yesilırmak River, Turkey. Hydrobiologia753:131-147. [PDF] 205. Montaña, C.G., C.A. Layman, and K.O. Winemiller. 2015. Species-area relationship within benthic habitat patches of a tropical… Read More →

Dr. Kirk Winemiller Announced as AFS Distinguished Achievement Award Winner for Research

Dr. Kirk Winemiller, a regents professor of wildlife and fisheries sciences, has been selected to receive this year’s university-level Distinguished Achievement Award for Research. Dr. Winemiller was notified of his selection in a surprise announcement by Dr. Bill Dugas, Acting Vice Chancellor and Acting Dean of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The Distinguished Achievement Awards, which are funded by The Association of Former Students, are among the most prestigious awards that can be presented to faculty or staff members at Texas A&M University. The selection is rigorous and recipients are… Read More →

Meet a Scientist: Kirk Winemiller

By Sara Carney Dr. Kirk Winemiller became fascinated by natural science at an early age. “As a child, I liked the outdoors, and I liked animals,” he said. “I grew up in a rural area playing outside in the woods and meadows, especially streams.” Today, Winemiller is an ecologist and Regents Professor in the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences at Texas A&M University. “It’s a privilege to get to do science and explore nature as a profession,” he said. He received a masters in zoology from Miami University… Read More →

Tony Rodger was awarded the Outstanding Fisheries Student Award

MSc student Tony Rodger was awarded the Outstanding Fisheries Student Award at the 2014 annual meeting of the Texas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society.

Caroline Arantes presentation on Amazon deforestation & fisheries

PhD student Caroline Arantes gave a presentation on Amazon deforestation and fisheries at the 2015 Global Conference on Inland Fisheries held at FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy.

2015 Brazilian Ichthyology Meeting

Dr. Kirk Winemiller gave an invited lecture entitled “Functional traits, convergent evolution, and a periodic table of niches” at the 2015 Brazilian Ichthyology Meeting held in Recife, Brazil, from Feb 1-6, 2015.

Awards received at Texas Chapter of the AFS meeting

Texas chapter members and their supporters contribute significantly to our understanding of fish ecology, fisheries management, and recreational fishing both within the state and nation. At our 2013 Lake Conroe meeting, we recognized individuals and organizations making outstanding contributions both to our chapter and fisheries science. The summaries below offer only a brief glimpse into the broad, important contributions each of our awardees has made. Special Recognition – Kirk Winemiller Dr. Winemiller who is a Regents professor at Texas A&M, his students, and collaborators have studied riverine and fish… Read More →

Environmental Flows Research highlighted in txH2O

Environmental Flows research was highlighted in the Texas Water Resources Institute’s  Summer 2012 edition of txH2O. Running the Rivers Scientists say 2011 drought showed importance of environmental flows regulations Read complete article at Determining and maintaining the balance between ecological and human needs has not been easy, and hundreds of stakeholders and scientists have participated in the process. “The Instream Flow Program was my entry point into the Texas water wars,” said Dr. Kirk Winemiller, a Regents Professor in the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences at Texas A&M University…. Read More →