New publications added

207. Pease, A.A., J.M. Taylor, K.O. Winemiller, and R.S. King. 2015. Ecoregional, catchment, and reach-scale environmental factors shape functional-trait structure of stream fish assemblages. Hydrobiologia 753:265-283. [PDF]

206. Kaymak, N., K.O. Winemiller, S. Akin, Z. Altuner, F. Polat, and T. Dal. 2015. Stable isotope analysis reveals relative influences of seasonal hydrologic variation and impoundment on assimilation of primary production sources by fish in the Upper Yesilırmak River, Turkey. Hydrobiologia753:131-147. [PDF]

205. Montaña, C.G., C.A. Layman, and K.O. Winemiller. 2015. Species-area relationship within benthic habitat patches of a tropical floodplain river: an experimental test. Austral Ecology 40:331-336. [PDF]

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